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Navbar Elements

To customize Navbar Elements, Go to Dashboard → Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Navbar Elements.


Navbar is divided into three areas (Left Area, Center Area and Right Area)

Below you can see Navbar Elements Customizer options image with numerically noted info list.

  1. Tab to select elements for Left Area, Center Area and Right Area.
  2. Click to select element to display in currently active area. Once selected, the element will be highlighted with blue background.
  3. You can sort the elements. This feature provides you to change the hierarchical position of elements.
  4. Once you select the element. You will see the input fields and customization options for the selected element below
  5. Input fields and customization option for selected element (i.e. Primary Menu).
  6. You will find an option to enable style for every element. You will need to enable to customize the styling of the element.
  7. As you enable styling option, you get options for text color, font size, background color and other various features according to the element.

Note: If you select the same element in a different area, you will not have a different, separate customization option for the particular element. For example, if you select the primary menu element in the Left Area and again select it in the Right Area. You will only have one customization option for the primary menu element below, and the same customized primary menu element will be displayed in both area.

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